Gorgeous Pedicures

I’m hoping everyone’s finger nails are getting healthy and looking fab! Now its time to get your toe nails looking gorgeous! Whether you are wearing peep-toe heels on your wedding day or your going somewhere sunny on vacation it is always nice to have a perfect pedicure!

I love bright funky colours on my toe nails especially in summer so have fun, pick a cute and crazy colour! As I said in my last post Orly is one of my favourite brands and they have an awesome summery collection out called ‘Feel the vibe’ so many bright and fun colours which you can check out here

I also love O.P.I’s new range ‘New York City Ballet’ these are perfect soft tones for your wedding nails, personal fav is ‘Care to danse?’ You can check out the range here

So where to start? You need to get your feet in tip top shape to rock a gorg pedicure so start by giving your feet a good soak in some warm bubbly water, or get them into a foot spa if you have one – next we want to give them a good clean, scrub all your nails and your  feet….I am so ticklish on me feet!….then get out your pumice stone and scrub away any yucky hard skin, dry off your feet and trim your nails while they are soft, if your feet are still a little rough around the edges then lather them in moisturiser and put a clean pair of cotton socks on before bed, this will soften all the skin and make them soft and smooth.  Once your nails are trimmed you can lightly file them to a nice rounded shape and then wipe down all your nails with nail polish remover on some cotton to get rid of any old polish or oil that will stop our polish from sticking!

Now its time to get painting! First put some dividers in-between your toes (if you have some) otherwise get some toilet paper or tissue in-between each toe, it isn’t completely necessary but you might find that it helps you banging your toes into your other toes! Now start by painting an even coat of your bottom coat on all your nails, this is really important when you are using bright colours like red that can stain your nails and leave them with a yellow tinge, the bottom coat will protect your nails.  As I said in my last post it is a good idea to invest in a good quality bottom and top coat if you are wanting your polish to last – there are heaps of good brands out there so do some research and pick a good one 🙂

Once your bottom coat is completely dry its time to get the first colour coat on, you will need to roll your bottle of polish in the palms of your hand to mix it first then make sure you get a good amount on your brush as your big toe is a lot wider than your finger nails, paint all the way down and get as close to the sides as you can, then repeat, make sure your coverage is good and let your nails dry for a good 10 minutes.  If you are going to get super funky and add some cute gems or sparkle polish this is the time to do it.

Lastly get that top coat on to protect your pretty polish, wait till it is completely dry before you start walking around and don’t wear closed in shoes for at least an hour as you could damage all your hard work, chuck on jandals or open toe sandals if you need to pop out.  Lastly dip a cotton bud in some nail polish remover and get rid of any excess polish or mistakes and BOOM! You now have sexy feet so go and show them off!

I hope you like my post, I would love to hear from you if you have tried out my tips! Xx




Fab Wedding Nails

So it’s Friday in NZ and the rugby is on tonight (keeps the boys entertained) so one of my girl friends is coming over for dinner and I think it is time to get the foot spa out and do mani’s and pedi’s! I love painting my nails and have got so many cool ideas off Pinterest (slightly addicted!) You can check out my pins here

But today’s blog is a bit of inspiration on how to get your nails looking fab for your wedding day! There are so many options, you can have your nails done professionally, by a friend or do them yourself! You can go for fakes, gel or just use a good brand that won’t chip.  My personal favourite brand is Orly, they have awesome colours, it lasts well and I like the grip and shape of the bottle – but that is just me, O.P.I is also a great brand, Revlon quick dry works well too – I think the most important thing is to invest in a good bottom and top coat.


Trending this wedding season is soft colours with a pop of glitz! Having your ring finger in-crusted with gems or diamante’s, adding a bit of sparkle or going for a fresh clean French manicure with a little something special and different on one nail.  I have also been seeing little pops of colour and some gorgeous pastels!


So are you a DIY bride? Here are some great tips on getting your nails in good shape leading up to your big day and how to paint them to perfection!

A really great way to get your nails healthy for your wedding is to soak them in olive oil once a week, fill two bowls with enough oil to cover your nails, soak your nails for 10 minutes then rinse and pat dry.  It also helps to keep your nails short so they don’t break and so you don’t end up with some longer than others! Also keep a good moisturiser next to your bed and give your hands and nails a good coat every night.  You can also invest in something like Sally Hansen’s ‘no more breaks’ and take evening primrose oil tablets and/or women’s multi’s for extra strength.

So with your nails super strong and healthy it is time to attempt the perfect manicure! Practise makes perfect so if you think you have never been very good at it all you need is a bit of practise – get your girl friends together and paint their nails, book a night in your calendar to give yourself a manicure every week and before you know it you’ll be a pro!

I always start with trimming my nails down to a length I like, not too short but not too long! This part is completely up to you! Then it is time to file them in the desired shape – I’m not too fussy with mine but I like a squared off look or ‘squoval’ (see above pic) I like to use a large emery board that has a good abrasive side and a softer side for finishing touches but I sometimes use a crystal/glass nail file too – they are great because they never loose their grit! You should try to file the same way, not back and forth as this can weaken the nail, once I have my desired shape I like to sand and buff my nails to give them some shine (even though I am going to paint over it) there are all sorts of buffers out there and I have tried a fair few but one of my fav’s is the QVS 4 way buffer, it is inexpensive and lasts well – check it out here

Next step is to get those cuticles tidy! Again I’m not too fussy with this as I don’t want to hurt my self (I’m a big baby!) so I always give my nails a soak in some warm soapy water first to soften the cuticles, you can get cuticle cream from chemists or anywhere that sells nail polish, dab a bit on each nails cuticle and let it soak in, then use a cuticle stick (I prefer the wooden ones to the metal ones – they freak me out…maybe I have a cuticle phobia!?) gently push the cuticle down, you can get special tools to snip off excess cuticles but I never do this, if you struggle with this step don’t stress, you can always paint over your cuticles a little anyway!


Now it’s time to get polished! Make sure you clean all your nails with some nail polish remover and a cotton ball first so that the nail polish will stick well.  Time for a bottom coat, paint all your nails with a good quality bottom coat, Orly, O.P.I, Sally Hansen and Revlon all have good bottom and top coats that are affordable.  Let your nails dry completely – some nail bars are straight on to the next coat but I prefer to let the bottom coat dry really well so your colour will stick.  Pick the colour you want, if this is for your wedding day a nude or blush pink is going to be the best choice as it won’t show the imperfections (not that we will have any!) but if you are going for something bright and funky good on you, you can always take it off and re-do it if you make a mistake! So you need a steady hand, roll your nail colour bottle in between the palms of your hand rather than shaking it, this mixes the nail polish with out causing air bubbles! Give your nails a good coat, don’t blob the colour on your nails, try to spread it evenly and get it as close to the sides of your nails and cuticles as you can, once you have finished all your nails it is time to do a second coat.  After the second coat I wait until my nails are almost completely dry and try not to bump them or to touch them to see if they are dry because you WILL muck them up!

If you are going to get fancy it is time to add your sparkle polish or your little gems! Then the very important top coat, this will help your manicure last longer and hopefully stop any chipping, paint all your nails with a layer of top coat and allow at least 10 minutes for it to dry completely – then you can get a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover and tidy up any mistakes and you are all done, gorgeous manicure ready to be rocked!

If you are going to give it ago I would love to see your results, I hope this was helpful, send me a comment and let me know! Happy nail painting and have a GREAT weekend! Xx

Quote of the day

Get motivated!

Firstly – sorry I haven’t written a post in a while but hopefully you will enjoy this one and GET MOTIVATED!

We have just come into the yucky winter months in New Zealand so it is hard to get out and do things when it is cold and wet, some of you are reading this blog from the other side of the world where you have just come into the summer months and thought ‘Oh crap, its bikini season!’ so I have been researching some great tips and fun activities for you and your friends to get fit and toned and healthy!

There are so many wonderful blogs, books, TV shows, magazines and websites out there with easy workouts, nutritional advice and motivational tips but it is up to you to find something that you think is fun and easy and that you can and WILL do! I found a great blog from College Candy that I think you should read called Summer Slimdown with the Tone it up girls, it has a really good all body tone up video to watch which I think you will love so check it out here

I really enjoyed this video, it tones the whole body, gets you moving, breaks a sweat and the girls have amazing body’s! So if this is the kind of thing you like then you can check out the Tone it up girls webpage here for more videos, exercise tips and yummy recipes 🙂

If you are going to get motivated and get exercising you need to start eating right, I am not a fan of silly diets and detox’s but I think it is important to eat clean and drink plenty of water! You can still have treats but limit them to a few times a week, not every day! Don’t treat your tummy like a garbage disposal! We all know what foods are good and which ones to stay away from so I’m not going to tell you again but if you need help finding scrummy but healthy recipes then cheak out the healthy food guide website here

I find it really hard to motivate myself and one thing that really helps me along is a friend to workout with, whether it is a walk after work, meeting at the gym or playing on the Wii Fit together, it is much more fun when your doing it together! I also like to stay connected with one of my besties (we live in different towns) to make sure I stay on track, we email each other a few times a week, ask what each other ate (bad or good) and make sure we both did some exercise! We tell each other to think of that cute bikini we want to fit into or those sexy skinny jeans, its nice to know that someone is there for you and in the same situation as you 🙂 So thanks for being there for me Ange 🙂

Some other good tips are to write down what you eat, you don’t have to go crazy and count points or calories but it is a nice way to keep track of those little treats and snacks so you don’t go overboard! I also like to schedule exercise dates into my diary or calendar – if you book them in you are less likely to cancel! And why not make it a social thing! Get your friends together for a gym circuit or a bush walk, a game of netball or a yoga class, you can always treat yourselves to a trim latte afterwards 🙂

I hope I have motivated you to get out and do something, tone that beauty body, be healthy and have some fun! You can check out one of my favourite healthy dinner recipes here and my favourite itty bitty bikini workout from the Tone it up girls here

Get it done! 🙂


Boho Wedding Style

I have recently launched a new version of my webpage which you can check out here.  While I was surfing the world wide web for ideas I came across so many beautiful wedding photo blogs, engagement shoots of couples and DIY tips and tricks for the bride on a budget… So it is my turn to give you brides out there some inspiration for your upcoming nuptials and why not start with my favourite theme! I personally LOVE  Boho Style weddings so here is my first inspirational photo blog!

Hand crafted bridal head piece created by Amy Oram at www.teeki.com.au   

I really love the naturally stems and the pearls and broach for added detail.

I love the detail in the back of the dress, lace is very in for weddings this year!

These buttonholes are so gorgeous! I love how they are held together with twine.

Keep your Boho styled wedding simple with natural and recycled finds, soft colours and special accessories!

Beautiful words

Some days I really struggle with peoples attitudes and personalities, I wonder what happened in their child hood to make them such two face horrible people!? I know I am not perfect but I would never purposely say or do something to hurt someone and make them feel worthless and I think people who talk behind other peoples backs are cowards.  I deal with a few people in my life like this and it can be very hard to keep a smile on my face and very exhausting not to just tell them how I feel (I am rather strong willed!) so here are some beautiful words to help you get past these toxic people and live your life how you want to, happy and free!

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.  So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason.  If you get a chance, take it.  If it changes your life, let it.  Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. I believe in karma, you get out what you put in and the people who have done you wrong with get kicked up the bum (or worse) by karma!

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. When you think it is the end of the world…don’t, there is something amazing around the corner!

Life is beautiful. And far to short, ignore all the haters and be who you are.

Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live. If your happy doing what you do and are happy with who you are with then no-one should ever have a problem with it!

As we grow up we realise it is less important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones. Do all those people you added on Facebook really count?  Would they be there for you  if you really needed them?

Think happy be happy! What else can I say…

I hope these beautiful words stick with you and help you deal with some of the negative people we all come across in life, do you have any favourite quotes or nice phrases you live your life by? I would love to hear them!

Stay beautiful on the inside Xx

Feeling blahhhhh?

I really don’t like the fact that day light savings is over and so is summer but there is a bright side to this madness and I have a few small tips to get you in the mood for the cold months ahead!

  • It is lighter in the morning and gets dark a lot quicker at night so why not rug up, get your running shoes on and get out for a jog in the crisp air before work! It will wake you up and give you more energy for the day and once you are getting your heart rate up your whole body will warm up!
  • Even though I love summer I really enjoy buying winter clothes and getting all rugged up, why not get creative and make a scarf or some mittens ready for the frost! Or go on a winter clothes shopping spree with your girl friends.
  • I am stuck in an office all day but I always try to get away from my computer on my lunch break – put on a jacket and grab your umbrella and get out for some fresh air, when I come back to my desk I feel refreshed and the last part of the day flies by.
  • Feeling cold, did you know that if you picture something warm like a fire or the sun it can actually make you feel warmer, its always best to wear too many items of clothing than not enough.
  • Crappy and rainy on the weekend? Go and see a movie or get the girls together and meet at your fav café for a coffee.

If you are feeling a little sluggish at the moment keep the flu at bay with lots of vitamin C, drink warm lemon drinks in the morning they are great for getting all the toxins out of your body and also give you that vitamin kick you’ll need to fight off colds and flu’s.

So make the most of the sun while you can (if there is any) and don’t be afraid of Autumn and Winter, its a great time to snuggle up with a good book or a DVD to  watch and you can still get out there and keep fit and healthy!

Have a great Easter weekend – lets hope we can keep the sunshine for one more week Xx