Hello world!

Hi world! I am a first time blogger with way too many things clogging up my head, so many thoughts and ideas that I don’t seem to have time to do or make – soooo I think this may be the perfect opportunity to free up some space in my head and share some creativity with the world! or whoever feels like reading.

I am a florist by trade and have recently started my own business ‘Lilia Boutique’ but I am not just going to blog about flowers! I have so many interests so each blog will be something different!

  • Flowers, types, styles, colours, ideas, tips and techniques
  • Weddings, DIY projects, doing it on a budget
  • Fashion, my style, beauty tips, what’s hot, shopping on a budget, sewing your own clothes
  • Photos, photos and more photos – I love photography!
  • Motivation, losing weight, recipes and food!, exercise

Lots of things so jump on board, feel free to comment and add tips and advice, I would love to hear from you!

Next blog coming soon…


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