Sleep – or lack of

Last night I could not get to sleep, my mind would not switch off and I had too many thoughts and ideas rolling around in my head, like what to have for lunch tomorrow and what shall my next blog be about, which got me to thinking and still not sleeping – how can you get to sleep when you just can’t get to sleep!?

Well I have done some research and have a few small tips up my sleeve so if you are having trouble getting to sleep hopefully this will help!

  • No dosing off in the late afternoon
  • Watching TV in bed stimulates the mind rather than relaxing it so its best to read a good book (or maybe a boring book!)
  • Are you exercising? A late afternoon walk or an early morning one helps your body to rest
  • Avoid that cup of tea or coffee leading up to bed time, I know I love a nice cup of tea before bed but try a flavoured green tea to kick a lot of the caffeine
  • Try and have a regular bedtime, if you are a night owl try to get to bed at the same time every night even if it is 11pm your body likes routine
  • Having a regular bedtime means having a regular rise time, try to get up at the same time everyday (but enjoy a sleep in on weekends)
  • Switch that mind off – if you are like me and you have too many thoughts circulating in your mind at night put a pen and paper next to your bed, write down what you are thinking about so it can leave your mind
  • Pick one happy thought – forget counting sheep and concentrate on one nice thing, leave the worries behind and try to get to sleep with a smile on your face 🙂

I hope these tips help, I will be trying them tonight too and hopefully I will get a good night sleep! Sweet dreams.


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