Boho Style

I think it is so much fun to try different styles when your into different fashion trends and one that has always been my fav is Boho. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Nicole Ritchie rock this look and so can you! Here are some of the items you need to look boho chic!

  1. Boho style stacking – you can search through all your jewellery and mix and match your fav’s or make your own!
  2. Boho style head band – Long hair or short feather and lace headbands are just what you need to pull of the boho style
  3. Boho style hair – add a feather or three, so easy to make, grab some coloured or earthy toned string and tie a long feather to then end, put your hair in a messy pony tail and tie the string around your hair tie!
  4. Boho style clutch – the perfect way to finish your boho look is with a boho clutch, browns and black fit best but lace or woven with a splash of coloured thread looks fab too
  5. Boho style rings and things – stack em up, dig out those vintage rings you borrowed from your Mum’s jewellery box and add some modern chunky ones to complete the look, and don’t forget to have funky painted nails
  6. Boho style bag – I love this shoulder bag, the crochet doily is super cute, if you can’t find one similar, buy a pre-loved bag from an op-shop and add some crochet to it yourself!

Have fun dressing in your boho style Xx


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