Friendship, it ain’t so easy!

Lately I have been finding it a little tough to keep in touch with friends, I have been feeling like a lot of my relationships with people are very one sided, I am always the one to send a text or an email to try and catch up and sometimes I find I don’t even hear back!? This blog is to help me get these feelings out in the open (as I always bottle things up) and hopefully help some of you feel better about your relationships with friends!

Friendship is a two way street – I have been talking to a few of my friends lately, catching up for a walk or a coffee and having a good old chin-wag and I found out that they have been feeling the same way with some of their supposedly close friends! I know life is busy, but it is busy for everyone so that is not an excuse! Why is it that some people don’t put in the effort? And is it time to let go of these one sided friendships?

Here is a quote that I think sums it up! As we grow up we realise its less important to have lots of freinds & more important to have real ones – This is so true! You grow up, you change, you grow apart and I think this is important to remember, I have a lovely friend that lives just over an hour away from me, we went to high school together and have been great friends for over 10 years now, we have had patches where we don’t see each other often and don’t have much contact but I know she is there for me know matter what! Now that we are in our late 20’s I think we have realised that some friendships will follow us through life and some won’t! We catch up as often as we can, we text and tweet each other every week and it doesn’t matter that we might not see each other for a few months we are still as close as ever.

So even though I feel a little sad that some friends I thought were really close and would always be around have slipped off the radar it is really comforting to look at the friends that are still right there waiting for you.

Let me know if you have been feeling this way about some of your friendships, I would love to hear from you!


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