It’s Friday! I always look forward to the weekend and this weekend I have decided to get crafty, I always have things I want to make or do but never seem to have the time, I have a few projects that I started but never finished… I started sewing a shirt for work, all I have to do is sew the arms on but have never gotten around to it so that is on the agenda!

A DIY project that I am very excited about and have started but need to continue with is my new office desk! I am making a computer desk out of a door, I have under coated and painted the door but now need to make it look worn and rustic – I will document and upload photos as soon as I am finished.

I really want to do another little styled photo shoot of some flowers, I got some gorgeous red roses this morning and want to put something together and photograph it this weekend so I will do something amazing (I hope) and they will be in my blog on Monday!

I have some friends Birthdays coming up next week and I really want to create some beautiful cards to post them, so I will get into the craft room and get crafting! Which I will also photograph to show you what I have done!

I also think there should be something to send in the cards, I make jewellery so maybe some fabulous earrings for my friends too?

I look forward to doing a bit of a photo diary of all the things I have created and uploading the pics for you to see – I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have time to read my DIY blogs next week!




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