Feeling blahhhhh?

I really don’t like the fact that day light savings is over and so is summer but there is a bright side to this madness and I have a few small tips to get you in the mood for the cold months ahead!

  • It is lighter in the morning and gets dark a lot quicker at night so why not rug up, get your running shoes on and get out for a jog in the crisp air before work! It will wake you up and give you more energy for the day and once you are getting your heart rate up your whole body will warm up!
  • Even though I love summer I really enjoy buying winter clothes and getting all rugged up, why not get creative and make a scarf or some mittens ready for the frost! Or go on a winter clothes shopping spree with your girl friends.
  • I am stuck in an office all day but I always try to get away from my computer on my lunch break – put on a jacket and grab your umbrella and get out for some fresh air, when I come back to my desk I feel refreshed and the last part of the day flies by.
  • Feeling cold, did you know that if you picture something warm like a fire or the sun it can actually make you feel warmer, its always best to wear too many items of clothing than not enough.
  • Crappy and rainy on the weekend? Go and see a movie or get the girls together and meet at your fav café for a coffee.

If you are feeling a little sluggish at the moment keep the flu at bay with lots of vitamin C, drink warm lemon drinks in the morning they are great for getting all the toxins out of your body and also give you that vitamin kick you’ll need to fight off colds and flu’s.

So make the most of the sun while you can (if there is any) and don’t be afraid of Autumn and Winter, its a great time to snuggle up with a good book or a DVD to  watch and you can still get out there and keep fit and healthy!

Have a great Easter weekend – lets hope we can keep the sunshine for one more week Xx


2 responses to “Feeling blahhhhh?

  1. If all else fails, red wine does the trick! (For me anyway.) All of these are great suggestions– especially knitting some mittens or scarf.

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