Get motivated!

Firstly – sorry I haven’t written a post in a while but hopefully you will enjoy this one and GET MOTIVATED!

We have just come into the yucky winter months in New Zealand so it is hard to get out and do things when it is cold and wet, some of you are reading this blog from the other side of the world where you have just come into the summer months and thought ‘Oh crap, its bikini season!’ so I have been researching some great tips and fun activities for you and your friends to get fit and toned and healthy!

There are so many wonderful blogs, books, TV shows, magazines and websites out there with easy workouts, nutritional advice and motivational tips but it is up to you to find something that you think is fun and easy and that you can and WILL do! I found a great blog from College Candy that I think you should read called Summer Slimdown with the Tone it up girls, it has a really good all body tone up video to watch which I think you will love so check it out here

I really enjoyed this video, it tones the whole body, gets you moving, breaks a sweat and the girls have amazing body’s! So if this is the kind of thing you like then you can check out the Tone it up girls webpage here for more videos, exercise tips and yummy recipes 🙂

If you are going to get motivated and get exercising you need to start eating right, I am not a fan of silly diets and detox’s but I think it is important to eat clean and drink plenty of water! You can still have treats but limit them to a few times a week, not every day! Don’t treat your tummy like a garbage disposal! We all know what foods are good and which ones to stay away from so I’m not going to tell you again but if you need help finding scrummy but healthy recipes then cheak out the healthy food guide website here

I find it really hard to motivate myself and one thing that really helps me along is a friend to workout with, whether it is a walk after work, meeting at the gym or playing on the Wii Fit together, it is much more fun when your doing it together! I also like to stay connected with one of my besties (we live in different towns) to make sure I stay on track, we email each other a few times a week, ask what each other ate (bad or good) and make sure we both did some exercise! We tell each other to think of that cute bikini we want to fit into or those sexy skinny jeans, its nice to know that someone is there for you and in the same situation as you 🙂 So thanks for being there for me Ange 🙂

Some other good tips are to write down what you eat, you don’t have to go crazy and count points or calories but it is a nice way to keep track of those little treats and snacks so you don’t go overboard! I also like to schedule exercise dates into my diary or calendar – if you book them in you are less likely to cancel! And why not make it a social thing! Get your friends together for a gym circuit or a bush walk, a game of netball or a yoga class, you can always treat yourselves to a trim latte afterwards 🙂

I hope I have motivated you to get out and do something, tone that beauty body, be healthy and have some fun! You can check out one of my favourite healthy dinner recipes here and my favourite itty bitty bikini workout from the Tone it up girls here

Get it done! 🙂



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